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The Great Recovery: Healthy, Green & Just


2021 is all about the global community coming together to address pressing, urgent and deadly issues. Covid-19 and vaccines is the most pressing for the G7 and G20. The Great Recovery’s theory of change is that we cannot address the converging crises without commitment to vaccines for all as a first step. If the G7 and other governments support and uphold principles of cooperation and multilateralism to tackle the pandemic, it will create momentum and confidence that the global community can come together to address other pressing issues, such as climate.


The initiative is a short, sharp plan focusing on key demands for leaders gathering at:

  • the G7 Leader’s Summit in Cornwall on the 11th – 13th June 2021
  • the UN General Assembly High Level Week in New York on 21st – 24th September 2021
  • the G20 Summit in Rome on 30th – 31st October 2021

Intersectional & Global

The aim is to support and amplify organisations working across the issues of a great recovery from all corners of the globe, to come together to express their demand for G7 and G20 action on the pandemic. Groups will continue to advocate for their own specific outcomes from the G7 and G20 such as climate finance, strong NDCs, famine prevention, other global health issues, etc and come together behind a single clear demand on vaccines as part of the great recovery.


The campaign is not a branded initiative, but rather it will be driven by a wide range of organizations supporting a shared set of messaging, calls to action, and goals. It will undertake communications to promote the issues and partner actions and initiatives. Work will include high-profile supporters, op-ed and other innovative ways of capturing the G7 and G20 leaders’ attention to this important issue.

Initiative Plan


The foundation of the initiative is a 2-page policy statement to the G7 & G20 that puts forward recommendations across climate, health and equality. Organisations are asked to sign-up to the document which will be shared with governments in the lead-up to the G7 and the G20. 


The initiative will work with partners to run petitions and other digital and social media campaigns as ways for millions to express their support for the call to world leaders to boldly act on the recovery. 


The policy and petition/mobilisations will be supported by a high-level comms plan that will engage eminent voices from around the world and roll out creative media events to show leaders the public expectation for action.